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Looking for a job?

Finding employment is a job in itself. From identifying the appropriate contacts to writing a cover letter, there are many challenges to be met and decisions to be made that will become part of your career planning.

If you are seeking employment in Brockville or the surrounding area, please select one of the following links:

  1. Employment and Education Centre (EEC)
  2. St. Lawrence College Job Connect
  3. Employment and Business Journal
  4. The Recorder & Times
  5. Cool Jobs Canada
  6. Job Shark
  7. Government of Canada Job Bank
  8. AllStar Jobs
  9. Workopolis
  10. Ottawa Job Shop
  11. Monster
  12. Recruiters for Brockville
  13. +Jobs Brockville
  14. Jobs by City
  15. Career Click
  16. Osprey Newspaper Network
  17. Brockville Jobs
  18. Government of Ontario - Jobs Open to the Public
  19. Government of Canada Openings
  20. Youth Employment
  21. CSE Consulting
  22. Career Jet

Employment Resource Centres
Career Services of Brockville
Grenville Community Futures Development Centre
1000 Islands Community Development Corporation

 Looking for Employment in Brockville and Area

If you are looking for help in finding a job, resume writing, interviewing tips or other job related help, the Government of Ontario has created bundled information for your convenience.   Simply select the link below to access information on seeking employment:

Life Event Bundles - Looking for a job.

For general government information call:
1 800 268-8758 Toll free in 613 area

For government services in Brockville call:
(613) 498-0506
1 800 268-8758 Toll free in 613 area
(613) 345-7390 Fax

For TTY/ Teletypewriter users only, call:
1 800 268-7095 Toll free in Ontario

To email for comments or questions, please select the following link:

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